PV2R32 Vane Pumps with High Pressure and Lower Noise

PV2R Series vane pumps with high pressure and lower noise are high-performance products, which are developed and domestically produced by our company, featured by advanced performance, reasonable structure, good creditability, lower noise, ultra-low pulse and stable quality and so on. Precisely made, the product can be used in the equipment with high precision and low noise, and is widely used in cutting, plastic,leather, forging and engineering machinery fields, and the like.

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Displacement of shaft end pump

Displacement of cover end pump




Model Code

Installation and Use

Note: 1. When pressure of pumps exceeds 16MPa, with displacement of "4" "6" "8", speeds should be more than 1450 r/min.

2.Reduce the negative pressure of the inlet when the Single Pump or double pumps with large displacement at high speed.

3. The numerical number in bracket is the one using phosphate ester fluid and water containing hydraulic fluid.

4.Speed at 1000r/min is suggested on occasions with lower noise strictly required.

5.When the working fluid is phosphate ester fluid, it uses special sealing (FPM),Prefix [F-] to the specified model when ordering.

6.Input power is available in working conditions of 16 MPa and 1500r/min.

Install Connection Dimensions

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