YLH32 Internal Gear Pump

YLH series hydraulic pumps are internal gear pumps of clearance compensation with fixed displacement, its advantages are:
● High working pressure—-The maximum working pressure is up to 35Mpa.
● High volumetric efficiency—-It can maintain high volumetric efficiency even at lowrotation speed and low viscosity because of the design of radial and axial pressure compensation devices.
● Low pressure pulsation—-Ultra-low flow and pressure pulsation, it can maintain stable flow and pressure output at low speed.
● Low noise—-Ultra-low noise, using high strength pump body material and optimization design of internal running parts, even under high pressure, high speed working conditions, it also has low noise.
● Wide speed range—— The minimum speed is up to 200 r/min, the maximum speed is up to 3000r/min.
● Strong anti-pollution ability—-Not sensitive to oil pollution, long service life.
This series of products are widely applied into the hydraulic system of industries, such as plastic machinery, leather machinery, pressure machinery, metallurgical machinery and forklift truck-… especially suitable for the energy saving system of servo frequency conversion drive.


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