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Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery: Oil Pumps Failure Causes

What are the reasons for the failure of the   Oil Pumps  ? How can I resolve these failures? China oil pumps manufacturer & Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. explained:


1. The oil pumps oil seal wears, the rubber seal of the rubber seal aging unloading sheet ages and changes, loses its elasticity, and loses the sealing and blocking effect on the high pressure oil chamber and the low pressure oil chamber. The oil pressure of the high pressure oil chamber will go to the low pressure oil chamber, which is called "Internal leakage", which reduces the operating pressure and flow of the oil pump. The normal operating pressure of CB46 gear pump is 100 ~ 110kg / cm2, the normal oil delivery is 46L / min, and the standard rubber oil seal of the unloading piece is 57 × 43. The self-tightening oil seal is a PG25 × 42 × 10 skeleton oil seal. If it is damaged or fails for a long time, air will be sucked into the oil pump from the gap between the oil seal and the spindle journal or from the joint between the oil inlet port and the oil pump casing. It enters the fuel tank through the oil return pipe, and many air bubbles occur in the fuel tank. Will reduce the oil in the fuel tank, increase the amount of oil in the oil sump of the engine, so that the improvement of the tillage tool is slow or impossible. It is necessary to replace the oil seal to eliminate this problem.


2. Insufficient or no oil pressure of the oil pump: The operating device is slowly raised, and it will tremble or cannot be raised; there are air bubbles in the fuel tank or oil pipe; the hydraulic system announces a squeaking sound when it is raised; the operating device when the tractor is just started It can be improved. After the oil temperature rises for a period of time, the increase is slow or not; it can be increased at light loads, and the elastic stage cannot be improved at heavy loads. Causes of the problem:

(1) the oil level of the hydraulic tank is too low;

(2) no Use hydraulic oil according to the season;

(3) the oil inlet pipe is severely blocked by dirt;

(4) the oil gear of the oil pump's automatic gear is damaged, and air enters the hydraulic system;

(5) the oil pump inlet and outlet joints or elbow joints are O-shaped seals Damage, the fastening bolts of the elbow joints or the inlet and outlet pipe nuts are not tightened, and the air enters the hydraulic system;

(6) the internal leakage of the oil pump, the sealing ring is aging;

(7) the end faces of the oil pump or the end faces of the main and driven gear bushes are worn or Scratches, the unevenness of the end faces of the two bushings is extremely poor;

(8) The internal parts of the oil pump are installed incorrectly to form an internal leak;

(9) The "left-handed" oil pump is installed with the "right-handed" oil pump to form a damaged oil seal of the skeleton;

(10) The hydraulic oil is too dirty .



3. Wear of internal parts of oil pump Internal wear of oil pump will cause internal leakage. In the meantime, the leakage area between the floating shaft sleeve and the gear end face is large, and it is the first place to form internal leakage. This part of the leakage accounts for about 50% to 70% of the total internal leakage. The volume power of the gear pump with internal leakage is reduced, and the output power of the oil pump is much lower than the input power. Its loss is fully converted into thermal energy, which will cause the oil pump to overheat. If the bonding plane is compacted, wear will occur due to a small amount of movement of the floating shaft sleeve during operation. As a result, the cultivation tool can be slowly raised or cannot be improved. Such a floating shaft sleeve must be replaced or repaired.



4. The wear of the oil pump casing is mainly the wear of the floating shaft sleeve hole (the normal clearance between the gear shaft and the shaft sleeve is 0.09 ~ 0.175mm, and the maximum cannot exceed 0.20mm). Gear operation is affected by the effect of pressure oil. The gear tip is close to the oil pump casing and wears the low-pressure cavity of the pump body. Another type of wear is that the working surface inside the casing is worn in a circle. This type of wear is mainly caused by the increase of dirty oil, so it is necessary to increase the oil without impurities.



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