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Working Characteristics Of Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps    use internal and external gears. The gear itself is lubricated by a fluid having lubricating properties. The internal design is considered reliable, easy to operate and maintain-because there are only two moving parts. The mechanism only needs one drive gear to work, but two can also be used. The pump will usually contain at least one bushing (EPW, 2012). The design can also be modified to include a crescent-shaped section that improves performance when pumping highly viscous fluids. Internal gear pumps require relatively low speed and inlet pressure.


 The working principle of internal gear pump in GA The working cycle of internal gear pump is divided into three stages-filling, transmission and delivery. As the gears come out of the pump's inlet side, they create an enlarged volume. Liquid flows into the cavity and is captured by the gear as the teeth of the gear continue to rotate against the diaphragm and housing of the pump. The trapped fluid moves from the inlet to the outlet around the casing. Because the teeth of the gears are interlocked on the discharge side of the pump, the volume is reduced and the fluid is forced to drain. The tight tolerances between the housing and the gear cause the pump to create suction at the inlet and prevent fluid from leaking back from the discharge side.

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