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Why Choose An Internal Gear Pumps?

Many industrial manufacturing plants require the use of hazardous chemicals in their operations. Materials such as strong acids, resins, polymers, solvents, and caustic are common in industrial applications.



One of the main problems caused by the use of these hazardous chemicals is how to handle materials safely. This process can be challenging, but it is essential for our business to thrive and to protect our natural environment.


Internal gear pumps are reliable and cost-effective in handling and transferring potentially harmful chemicals. These pumps work by creating a vacuum environment to draw fluid into the pump. This ensures that liquid flows smoothly through the pump without back and forth. This positive displacement motion represents one of the best options available today for handling many different types of chemicals used in industrial facilities in Australia and around the world.


Another major advantage of      Internal Gear Pumps    is that they can handle a wide range of chemicals and materials, even those that are particularly viscous. These materials include:





Paints and resins

Printing chemicals

Petrochemical products

Lubricants and greases


Petroleum additives


Because the internal gear pump has few moving parts, it is very easy to maintain and repair, minimizing downtime when repairs are needed. In this way, manufacturing plants can make their workflows run as smoothly as possible.



Internal gear pump type
Internal gear pumps are available in two main categories: unsealed magnetic drive pumps and pumps with mechanical or packed gland shaft seals. The unsealed internal gear pump effectively eliminates the risk of leaks and greatly reduces the mechanical wear of the entire system. These types of pumps are considered the safest for your labor and environment. Pumps with shaft seals are also very effective, providing accurate, consistent fluid transfer. This makes them well-suited for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which have strict specifications for chemical transfer.


Which internal gear pump is right for your operation?
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