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What Advantages Does A Vane Pumps Offer?

1. Vane pump can handle all types of fluids with viscosity from 0.5 to 2500 Cps, or fluids with suspended solid particles.

2. These types of pumps are self-priming and are of very interesting quality for industrial use.

3. The vane pump can work at a flow rate of up to 2400 liters / hour and has a discharge pressure of up to 18 bar, always providing a constant flow rate without pulsation, and providing a variety of flow rates.

4. Its gentle handling of the product without the need for compression makes it very suitable for industrial pumps used with free-cutting or particularly fragile products.

5. These devices are very compact and relatively small in size considering the power they generate.

6. With its simple design and single moving parts, the vane pump can provide excellent durability and maintenance is very simple.




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