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The structure and characteristics of Internal Gear Pumps

Today we will introduce the structure and characteristics of Internal Gear Pumps:


The pump is mainly composed of inner and outer rotors, shafts, pump bodies, front covers, brackets, seals, bearings, etc. The seal has two forms: mechanical seal and packing seal. For high temperature, high viscosity and strong corrosive media, packing seal is selected.

When conveying materials that are easy to crystallize, the front cover and pump body can be designed with thermal insulation jackets, which can be melted by steam during operation. Seen from the extended end of the main shaft toward the pump, it rotates clockwise.

Product Advantages:

(1) The conveying liquid is stable, without pulsation, low vibration and low noise.

(2) It has strong self-priming performance.

(3) The correct selection of parts materials can transport a variety of corrosive media, and the use temperature can reach 200 ℃.

(4) The rotation of the inner and outer rotors is the same, with little wear and long service life.

(5) The pump speed and the flow rate are in a linear function, and the speed can be changed appropriately to change the pump flow rate.

(6) Especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity medium.

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