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The Development Status of the Vane Pump Industry

The lack of standards makes the products of various Vane Pumps manufacturers unable to match, which also brings huge problems to the development of the entire industry. Because there is no unified technical standard, it means that the products produced by various manufacturers cannot be used together with the systems or products of other manufacturers. As a result, they are abandoned by consumers.

Regarding the current dilemma of the lack of standards in the field of vane pumps, industry insiders call for the joint efforts of all walks of life as soon as possible to establish my country's own vane pump standards. Some industry business people said that they should unite mobile phone manufacturers, home appliance companies, and Internet companies to form an open industry alliance to establish China's own industry standards in a market-oriented way of joint construction and sharing.

In the process of formulating specific standards, cooperation should be adopted in an open and shared manner. The industry alliance should be open to all companies willing to join, and each company can provide patents based on its own technological advantages, form a patent pool shared by all companies in the alliance, and develop a set of industry standards on this basis.

And at any time to absorb new enterprises and new technologies to join, so that the standards are continuously upgraded and gradually improved. At the same time, a set of benefit-sharing mechanisms should be established to encourage enterprises in the industry to jointly establish and improve industry standards in a short period of time while protecting the reasonable rights and interests of enterprises. At present, the establishment of industry standards is imminent. From basic communication protocols, network information security certification, wireless frequencies, to user privacy and security, smart homes, etc., standards need to be established as soon as possible.

After the establishment of the industry alliance, we should start from the above aspects one by one, and finally form a set of industry standards for the Fixed Vane Pumps industry.

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