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Reasons for the Easy Fracture of Vane Pump Blades

When using a Vane Pumps, the vane of the vane pump often breaks, and the stator wears severely, but I don't know what caused this situation. The above problems are generally caused by the following points:

Hydraulic oil problem

  1. The system oil temperature is too high, causing the friction between the stator and the blade to fail to form a protective oil film. The direct friction between the stator and the blade during operation is very hot and causes wear, resulting in blade fracture or stator damage.
  2. The hydraulic oil is too viscous, and the blades are not smooth when working, that is, they cannot be thrown out in time, resulting in uneven force on some blades and breakage.
  3. The hydraulic oil is seriously polluted, forming large chemical particles, the filter screen is broken, and foreign matter enters the pump body, causing partial breakage of the blades and wear of the stator

Material and heat treatment issues

The selection and heat treatment of the stator and blades are improper. If the heat treatment of the blades is too hard, they will lack toughness. When the working pressure difference of the vane pump is too large, the blades may not be able to withstand the pressure shock and break, and the broken fragments will be directly damaged. Stator, at the same time, because the blades are too hard, the high-pressure area of ​​the stator is worn out early.

Generally speaking, the main culprit of blade fracture is the problem of hydraulic oil; therefore, we must pay more attention to the cleanliness of the hydraulic Oil Pumps and control the oil temperature to avoid the loss of the pump due to the hydraulic oil.

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