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Preventive Maintenance Of Hydraulic Pumps

Every mechanical part needs maintenance, as does the hydraulic pump. Obviously, proper maintenance can keep the mechanical products in good condition. Otherwise, improper maintenance may cause many problems, which in turn will lead to more serious problems. Therefore, you should perform some preventive maintenance to avoid unnecessary failures.

Preventive maintenance of hydraulic pumps involves many steps. Warning, maintenance or repair procedures should be performed after disconnecting the pump from the power source. The following are some items related to the preventive maintenance of hydraulic pumps.

First, check the hydraulic fluid level. When all wrenches are retracted, the correct oil level should be 1/2 of the top of the oil filler hole. You must regularly check the oil level in the fuel tank. Then, after a period of use, it should be drained, rinsed and refilled with high-grade hydraulic oil.

Secondly, clean maintenance is a key procedure for preventive maintenance. In this step, you should use a thread protector to seal all unused connectors, and keep all hose connections free of dust and dirt, and make the outer surface of the pump as dust-free as possible. In addition, the equipment connected to the pump must be kept clean.

Third, the water tank should be drained and rinsed. Before removing the inside of the pump from the water tank, clean the outside of the pump. There are some things to follow.

1. Remove the ten screws that secure the motor and pump assembly to the water tank. When lifting the pump and motor from the water tank, make sure not to damage the gasket or hit the filter or pressure regulator.

2. Clean the inside of the liquid storage tank and fill with appropriate flushing oil.

3. Put the pump and motor assembly back into the storage tank and fix it with two machine screws assembled on opposite corners of the housing. After that, you should run the pump for a few minutes. Then disconnect the motor and pump assembly, drain and clean the inside of the reservoir. Finally, fill the hydraulic oil tank with hydraulic oil. Place the pump and motor assembly (with gasket) on the reservoir, and then tighten the ten screws.

In addition to the above steps, oil should also be added to the reservoir. Before that, the wrench must be fully retracted and the power must be disconnected. Before removing the filler plug, the entire area around the filler plug should be cleaned, and a clean funnel with a filter should be used when refueling.

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