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Oil Pumps: The Benefits Of Replacing The Oil Filter

Engine oil filters are designed and used in different materials, but they can remove all these impurities from engine oil. There are many different types of engine oils, including various synthetic additives, and countless other factors (for example, city driving and road driving) will affect the performance and life of the engine oil. Let's take a closer look at the oil pump and filter to learn more about them.

Identify oil pump problems
When the oil pump warning sign on the control panel lights up, the oil pump cannot draw enough oil from the filter to keep all journals lubricated. In addition to producing large amounts of metal-to-metal contact and severely damaging your engine, the extra heat generated by friction also causes the oil to burn from the inside out. The greater the degree of oil damage, the worse the ability to protect the engine.

If you remove a filter that looks like a balloon, a bump or a deformation, it means that the oil pressure it is receiving is too high. You should immediately repair the oil pressure regulating valve located in the oil pump. This valve regulates the oil pressure in the engine. If the valve is closed, blocked or stuck, excessive oil pressure will cause the filter to deform and may cause the lubrication system to lose all oil, damaging the engine.

When the filter media is covered with sludge, the sludge may be caused by excessive combustion air leakage to contaminate the oil. This may also be due to the engine operating temperature being too low, excessive idling, or the most likely oil change interval being extended. Any of these problems should be corrected as soon as possible.

If the inside of the filter collapses, there will be too much media restriction due to lack of proper filter maintenance, which may damage the engine. You should check the engine for damage and ensure that the driver changes the oil filter every time he changes the oil. If excessive metal particles are found in the filter used, an oil analysis or disassembly and inspection of engine components should be performed to help determine which components are malfunctioning and cause excessive engine wear.

Benefits of replacing the oil filter
By performing preventive maintenance, such as changing oil and filters, the engine life of the vehicle can be extended. But remember, if you suspect that the filter is related to engine damage, it is best not to tamper with or damage the filter. It is best to return it to the filter manufacturer for testing and inspection. It is scientifically proven that the oil filter should be replaced every time the car oil is changed.

Every mile traveled, the engine oil passed through the engine four times. By the time you travel 5,000 kilometers, the same engine oil has passed through the filter 12,000 times. In order to provide better protection against engine wear, most experts recommend changing the customer's oil every three months or 5,000 kilometers (3,000 kilometers with a turbocharged design and stop-and-go driving).

The used oil filter contains dirty oil and contaminants. If the oil is changed without replacing the oil filter, the dirty oil in the filter will quickly add its contaminant load to the fresh oil. It's like pouring fresh milk into a dirty cup!

Summarizing the benefits of changing the oil filter every time the oil is changed is as follows:

Keep the new engine oil flowing as fresh as possible.

Normalize the oil pressure until the filter material that maintains the full filter function.

Extend the engine life according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

Maximize oil pump function.

Keep the recommended engine exhaust clean.

Extend fuel mileage.

How to recommend oil and oil changes forward

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