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Oil Pumps -How To Choose The Heat Transfer Oil Pump?

Based on what selection of heat transfer oil pump? Should be based on the process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, from five aspects to consider, namely the liquid delivery volume, device head, liquid properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions.

1. Liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties. The physical properties include temperature c density d, viscosity u, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, etc. This involves the system head, effective gas Erosion calculation and suitable pump type: Chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosivity and toxicity of the liquid medium, are the important basis for selecting the material of the heat transfer oil pump and the type of shaft seal.


2. There are many contents of operating conditions, such as liquid operation T saturated steam force P, suction side pressure PS (absolute), discharge side container pressure PZ, altitude, ambient temperature operation is gap or continuous, and the position of the heat transfer oil pump is Fixed or removable.


3. The head required by the device system is another important performance data for pump selection. Generally, the head is selected by enlarging the 5% -10% margin.


4. The pipeline layout conditions of the device system refer to the liquid delivery height, the liquid delivery distance, and the liquid delivery direction. Some data such as the minimum liquid level on the suction side and the maximum liquid level on the discharge side and the pipe specifications and their lengths, materials, and pipe specifications And so on, in order to perform head calculation and check of cavitation allowance.

5. Flow is one of the important performance data of the heat transfer oil pump, which directly affects the production capacity and conveying capacity of the entire device. For example, in the process design of the design institute, the normal, minimum, and maximum flow rates of the pump can be calculated. When selecting a pump, take the maximum flow as the basis and take into account the normal flow. When there is no maximum flow, usually 1.1 times the normal flow can be taken as the maximum flow.

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