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Notes On Selection Of Hydraulic Pumps

As a power component in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump determines the pressure and flow of the entire system. Therefore, the selection of the hydraulic pump should be based on the pressure, flow rate, price, working stability, accuracy, etc. required by the system. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of various pumps need to be considered and finally selected.


Selection principle of hydraulic pump


1. Whether variable is required: radial piston pump, axial piston pump, single acting vane pump are variable pumps.


2. Working pressure: plunger pump pressure 31.5MPa; vane pump pressure 6.3MPa, which can reach 21MPa after high pressure; gear pump pressure 2.5MPa, which can reach 25MPa after high pressure.


3. Noise index: low-noise pumps include internal gear pumps, double-acting vane pumps and screw pumps. The instantaneous flow of double-acting vane pumps and screw pumps is uniform.


4. Efficiency: The total efficiency of the axial piston pump is the highest; for the pumps of the same structure, the total number of pumps with large displacement is highly efficient.


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