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Main Features And Advantages Of Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps    use internal and external gears. The gear itself is lubricated by a fluid having lubricating properties. The internal design is considered reliable, easy to operate and maintain-because there are only two moving parts. The mechanism only needs one drive gear to work, but two can also be used. The pump will usually contain at least one bushing (EPW, 2012). The design can also be modified to include a crescent-shaped section that improves performance when pumping high-viscosity fluids. Internal gear pumps require relatively low speed and inlet pressure.



The working principle of the internal gear pump is simple and the number of moving parts is very small. They cannot match the pressure generated by a response pump or the flow of a centrifugal pump, but they provide higher pressure and throughput than vane or vane pumps. Internal gear pumps have better suction capacity than external gear pumps and are more suitable for high viscosity fluids. Because output is proportional to speed, internal gear pumps are often used for metering and mixing operations. The small internal volume allows reliable measurement of the liquid flowing through the pump for precise flow control. The main applications of internal gear pumps are in accordance with the working principles of GA internal gear pumps. Some typical applications include:


Fuel and lubricants; Resins and polymers; Alcohol and solvents; Bitumen, bitumen and tar; Polyurethane foam;
Food such as corn syrup, chocolate and peanut butter; Paints, inks and pigments; Soaps and surfactants;Ethylene glycol



Internal gear pumps move fluid by repeatedly enclosing a fixed volume in the interlocking gears and mechanically transmitting them to provide a smooth, pulse-free flow proportional to the speed of their gears. They are versatile and capable of operating over a wide range of fluid viscosities and temperatures. They are the first choice for external gear designs in applications involving higher viscosity fluids, high temperatures, and solids-containing fluids. In general, the internal gear design runs at a lower speed than the external gear design and has a larger clearance, so it is less prone to wear in these applications. For the same reason, internal gear pumps are also more suitable for pumping fluids that are sensitive to shear. If you want to know more about the operation of the internal gear pump, please feel free to contact us and talk to our technical experts.



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