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Learn About Your Vane Pumps Application Technical Information

The rotor of a vane pump has radial grooves which are located off-center in the housing bore. Blades that fit tightly in the rotor slots slide in and out as the rotor rotates. Centrifugal, hydraulic or push rods help the blades. The pumping action is caused by the expansion and contraction volume contained in the rotor, blades and housing. The blade is the main sealing element between the air inlet and the air outlet, and is usually made of a non-metal composite. The rotor bushing runs in a pumped liquid or is isolated by a seal.


Vane Pumps    typically operate between 1,000 rpm and 1,750 rpm. The pump works well with low viscosity liquids, which easily fill the cavity and have good suction characteristics.



Because there is no metal-to-metal contact, these pumps are often used with low viscosity non-lubricating liquids such as propane or solvents. Compared to other PD pumps, this type of pump has better dry-start capability.


For high viscosity applications, the speed must be reduced significantly to load it into the area under the blade. These applications require more robust materials than conventional blades.


Vane pumps are designed to handle low viscosity liquids such as liquefied petroleum gas (propane), ammonia, solvents, alcohols, fuel oils, gasoline and refrigerants. They can be used to pump liquids with viscosity up to 500 cPs / 2,300 SSU. Vane pumps are capable of handling various fluid temperatures. -25 ° F and 500 ° F make them useful in a variety of applications.




Grinding applications require the correct selection of blade materials and seals. Vane pumps have fixed end gaps on both sides of the rotor and blades, similar to external gear pumps. Once wear occurs, the gap cannot be adjusted, but some manufacturers provide replaceable or reversible end plates. Casing bushings are a low-cost way to restore pump performance in the event of wear.




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