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Hydraulic Pumps: The Main Products In The Machinery Industry

There are many types of hydraulic pumps, and their application fields are also very common. They have their presence in various industries. From the performance range of the pump, there are two types of giant pumps and micro pumps. The giant pump can reach a flow rate of more than several hundred thousand cubic meters per hour, while the hourly flow rate of the micro pump is less than several tens of milliliters. From the pressure of the pump, it can be from normal pressure to above 19.61Mpa. From the point of view of the temperature of the liquid being guaranteed, the lowest temperature can be below -200 ℃, and the highest can be above 800 ℃. From the point of view of the types of liquids that the pump can guarantee, there are many types, which can guarantee the delivery of water, oil, acid and alkali, suspensions, and liquid metals.


The scope of application of hydraulic pumps is used in the chemical industry: in the consumption of the chemical and petroleum sectors, raw materials, semi-waste and waste products are mostly liquids, and raw materials are made into semi-waste and waste products. These processes play a role in preserving liquids and providing chemically-responsive pressure flow. In addition, pumps are used to regulate the temperature in many installations.



The application of hydraulic pumps in agricultural consumption: China's rural areas are vast, and a large number of pumps are required each year in rural areas. In agricultural consumption, pumps are the main drainage and irrigation machinery. Generally speaking, agricultural pumps account for more than half of the total pump output.



Hydraulic pumps are used in the mining and metallurgical industries: pumps are required to drain water in mines, and pumps are required to supply water during ore dressing, smelting and rolling. Pumps are also the most widely used equipment in the mining and metallurgical industries.



Hydraulic pumps are used in the power sector: nuclear power stations in the power sector require nuclear main pumps, secondary pumps, and tertiary pumps; thermal power plants require a large number of boiler feed pumps, condensate pumps, circulating water pumps, and ash and slag pumps.



The application of hydraulic pumps in national defense establishments: In national defense establishments, the adjustment of aircraft flaps, rudders and landing gear, the rotation of warships and tank turrets, and the submersion and submergence of submersibles require pumps, especially high pressure and radioactive The liquid also begged the pump to reveal nothing.



Hydraulic pumps are used in the shipbuilding industry: more than a hundred pumps are generally used on each ocean liner. In the shipbuilding industry, the types of pumps are also diverse.



In addition, urban water supply and drainage, water for steam locomotives, smoothing and cooling in machine tools, bleaching and dyeing in the textile industry, pulp in the paper industry, and milk and sugar foods in the food industry are all in demand. Pump.



The reason why the hydraulic pump lists the pump as general machinery is listed as a major product in the machinery industry. The main reason is that it is used in aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, drilling, mining, trains, ships, etc. Pumps are required everywhere, and pumps are running everywhere.


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