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Hydraulic Pumps Have Various Uses

Hydraulic pumps are very simple and have many uses. Their basic design is a piston in a cylinder that exerts pressure on an incompressible liquid (usually oil) and that force is transferred to another piston, which will do something useful for you. In this process, the force usually doubles, so the second piston can achieve a greater effect than the first. In order to increase the force multiplication, the relative size of the piston is increased.


The oil must be free of bubbles, because if the piston is used in the presence of bubbles, a lot of force will be wasted to compress these bubbles instead of driving the second piston, which is hardly an effective way to solve the problem. Most pump failures are caused by one or another type of oil contamination. The oil reservoir should be made of stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion and reduce the chance of oil contamination.


Pipes containing oil can have various lengths and shapes in hydraulic pumps, which is very useful because they can be used in almost any system design. The pipe can also be branched so that the master piston drives two or more slaves.


You may not know it, but you may own a    Hydraulic Pumps   . Cars use them for braking systems. When you depress the brake pedal, it pushes two master cylinder pistons, and each master cylinder piston drives two slave pistons (one for each wheel). These in turn press the brake pads against the brake disc to stop the vehicle. The reason why two cylinders drive a pair of cylinders instead of one cylinder drives four cylinders is in case there is a problem with the master cylinder-in this case, if there is only one, you ca n’t stop the car because all brake pads will be invalid .


Some hydraulic pumps are manual, some are driven by electricity, compressed air or gasoline. Manual hydraulic pumps are excellent because they are portable because they do not require additional power. They are ideal for occasional tasks, but they do lack the power and speed of electric pumps. They are also labor-intensive.


When power is needed, both electric and pneumatic pumps are good. Compared with manual hydraulic pumps, they will complete more work in a shorter time, but the disadvantage is that the cost is high, and they must be powered by air or electricity, so they must be ready to supply at any time.


Gasoline pumps are suitable for cases where the power of a manual pump is insufficient and the constraints of pneumatic or electric pumps are not allowed to be used in remote areas.


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