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How to Repair Hydraulic Gear Oil Pump?

  1. Repair the inner cavity of the Hydraulic Vane Pumps casing.

After the inner cavity of the pump casing is worn out, the inner cavity inserting method is generally adopted to repair, that is, the inner cavity is enlarged and then inserting cast iron or steel bushings. After inserting the sleeve, the inner cavity is lined with 5. Repair of the valve seat: The pressure limiting valve has two kinds of spherical valve and plunger valve. After the spherical valve seat is worn, a steel ball can be placed on the valve seat, and then the steel ball can be tapped lightly with a metal rod until the ball valve and the valve seat are tightly sealed. If the valve seat is severely worn, it can be reamed to remove the wear marks, and then use the upper method to make it tight. After the plunger valve seat is worn, a little valve sand can be put in for grinding until it is tight.

  1. Repair of the pump cover.

If the working surface of the pump cover is less worn, manual grinding can be used to eliminate the wear marks, that is, put a little valve sand on the platform or thick glass plate, and then put the pump cover on it for grinding until the wear marks are eliminated and the working surface is smooth. When the wear depth of the working plane of the pump cover exceeds 0.1 mm, it should be repaired by turning first and then grinding.

  1. The method of driving shaft or bushing restores its normal fit clearance

After repairing the wear of the gear pump drive shaft and bushing, the matching clearance increases, which will definitely affect the pump oil volume. In case of this, the method of repairing the driving shaft or bushing can be used to restore its normal fit clearance. If the drive shaft is slightly worn, just press out the old bush and replace it with a standard size bush, and the fitting clearance can be restored to the allowable range. If the drive shaft and the bushing are seriously worn and the fit clearance is seriously exceeded, not only should the bushing be replaced, but the drive shaft should also be increased in diameter by chrome plating or vibration surfacing, and then ground to the standard size to restore the bushing Requirements for cooperation.

  1. Shell repair,

Shell cracks can be repaired by welding with nickel-copper electrodes. The welding seam must be tight and porous, and the flatness error of the joint surface with the pump cover should be small.

  1. Wear repair

After the bushing hole of the drive shaft is worn out, reaming can be used to eliminate the signs of wear, and then a bushing enlarged to the corresponding size is used. The wear of the driven shaft hole is also eliminated by reaming, and then the driven shaft is prepared according to the actual size of the reamed hole of Internal Gear Pumps.


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