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Fuel Tank Oil Pumps : How Does It Work?

The    Oil Pumps     is definitely pumping oil because the literal meaning is very simple and clear, so the main role of the oil pump in the tank is to pump oil, but its work is not just so easy, it also has a deep role.



In order to understand this problem, you must understand the working characteristics of the EFI system, because only the fuel pump in the fuel injection model will have a fuel pump, the carburetor model is not, and its entire working process will perfectly explain the fuel pump in the fuel tank. The main role.



The fuel pump in the fuel tank will deliver fuel to the fuel injection nozzle. Through a series of operations of the EFI system, active and accurate fuel supply will be achieved. Therefore, the fuel pump is the power source of the entire EFI system. Are based on fuel pumps.



From this we can know that the oil pump in the fuel tank is not a simple conveying device. It belongs to a high-pressure oil pump. Only when the fuel is pressurized and delivered to the relevant parts can the normal fuel supply of the EFI system be achieved. During the entire work process It will play a vital role.



According to this idea, the working principle of the EFI system is that the fuel pump is pressurized to deliver fuel to the nozzle assembly. The ECU controls the amount of fuel according to preset values, determines the size of the solenoid valve, and the fuel enters the fuel nozzle. Realize smooth fuel supply. In this process, the fuel pump works continuously, and the excess fuel will return to the fuel tank through the oil return pipe. Only a small amount of fuel will enter the engine according to the combustion needs of the vehicle. Therefore, the fuel during the operation of the EFI system The pump is the hardest working one.



In short, the working mode of the oil pump in the fuel tank of a motorcycle is relatively single, but the working intensity is relatively large. As long as the vehicle needs to start, it will provide power and fuel to the fuel supply system, so its main role is to provide fuel under pressure. And its working characteristics must maintain a reasonable oil level in the fuel tank, too low oil level may damage the oil pump, so be sure to replenish the fuel in the fuel tank in a timely manner.



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