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Features Of 2 Internal Gear Pumps

Support block floating internal gear pump
Support block floating internal meshing gear pump. The internal and external gears adopt modified involute tooth profile. The high and low pressure chambers are separated by a movable crescent plate, and the pressure compensation is formed in the radial direction. With few gap-free seals, the axial dynamic compensation disc guarantees a good seal of the axial gap, so that the internal leakage of the pump is minimized. Low pressure 12Mpa, medium pressure 21 Mpa, high pressure 33 Mpa. This structure has high volumetric efficiency, complicated structure, and high manufacturing cost. It is suitable for conveying a variety of light, volatile liquids, up to heavy, viscous liquids, and even semi-solid liquids. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil, paint and other industries


Linear conjugate internal gear pump
Linear conjugate internal gear pump, the internal and external gears are separated by a fixed crescent plate, and the gears are meshed by a linear conjugate method. The long-life characteristics of linear conjugate internal gear pumps depend on the wear resistance. There is an oil film protective layer between the internal mechanical surface and each functional part. There is almost no wear. Even if ordinary hydraulic oil is used, it is not easy to wear the parts. In addition, the pressure difference principle of the bipolar pressurized bearing is used to improve the working conditions of the pump and increase the service life of the pump while increasing the working pressure. There are three types of pressure grades: low pressure 8Mpa, medium pressure 16 Mpa and high pressure 32 Mpa. The positions of the oil outlet and the oil suction port are 0 °, 90 °, 180 °, and 270 °, which is convenient for users to choose the pipe. The pump has a simple structure and low manufacturing cost.



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