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Double Vane Pumps: Internal Structure And Instructions For Use

The double vane pump is composed of two pumps with the same displacement or two different displacements. The two pumps share an oil suction port and are connected by an intermediate. There are two oil outlets, which are respectively covered by the front cover. It is separated from the back cover and driven by a core shaft. Although the double vane pumps are connected together, the front and rear pumps can independently set different pressures, and can supply pressure oil to different two hydraulic systems, or they can be combined into one. The oil channel drives a group of oil cylinders.



The two pump cores of the double vane pump are installed back-to-back, the front pump rotates forward, the rear pump reverses, the intermediate oil suction part is the low-pressure area, the front cover and the rear cover are high-pressure areas, and the internal high-pressure and low-pressure partitions adopt imported The performance is made of rectangular PTFE material, and the low-pressure pump cover is sealed by a rubber O-ring to prevent oil leakage.



The oil inlet and outlet of the double vane pump can be arbitrarily rotated in four directions according to the customer's requirements. When the customer requires it, it can be adjusted according to the customer's direction. In general, the factory setting is the standard direction (the three directions are the same). Keep in mind the following points:


1. Loosen the screws and push the casing inward to rotate. Do not pull out the casing, which will affect the positioning of the positioning pins.


2. Check if the O-ring is in place.


3. Tighten the screws tightly and evenly, with as much force as possible to prevent oil leakage from the pump cover.


After the oil port is adjusted, the noise such as an alarm sound when the pressure is raised, when the sound is particularly loud, it means that the positioning pin has been pulled out and installed in place during rotation, and can be reinstalled once. At this time, the pump core must be pulled out and aligned with the positioning pin. The hole is inserted into the pump core. The end face of the housing must be wiped clean. Check the O-ring and tighten the screw.

The initial installation of the double vane pump must pay attention to the following issues:

1. Fill the pump with a little hydraulic oil.

2. Air leakage at the suction port.

3. Oil level and specifications of the suction filter.

4. Direction of motor rotation.

5. Concentricity of motor and pump.

6. Do not smash the coupling of the pump to prevent bearing damage.

7. When installing the pump coupling, pay attention to keep enough axial clearance to prevent axial compression.



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