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Construction Of Hydraulic Pumps

The hydraulic pump is used to stimulate the flow of fluid from a lower potential to a higher potential. It has several mechanical motion components that receive energy from any other source (mainly electricity). Most hydraulic pumps have rotating parts that run on power. The basic components used in hydraulic pumps are:


Pump casing/pump casing: This is the external part of the hydraulic pump used to protect internal components. Smaller pumps use aluminum as the building material, while other pumps use cast iron.


Impeller blades: The impeller blades will rotate inside the pump casing. The rotation of the impeller blade will rotate the surrounding fluid, so that the fluid flows at a higher potential. Moreover, they also play an important role in the lubrication and cooling of the system.


Pump shaft: The pump shaft is used to install the impeller. Steel or stainless steel is used to construct the shaft, the size depends on the impeller.


Bearing assembly: Assisting the continuous rotation of the impeller is the function of the pump bearing. Most centrifugal pumps use standard ball antifriction bearings.


Sealing: Most pumps fail due to damage to bearing components. Seals can eliminate the risk of failure to a greater extent by protecting the bearing assembly from contaminants and coolants.


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