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Causes of Pressure Instability in Vane Pumps

The Vane Pumps is a cartridge structure, and the best design of the movement further reduces pressure, flow pulsation and noise. The front and rear side plates of the vane pump have the same structure, have symmetrical grooves, and are hydraulically balanced to ensure consistent deformation and compensation, so as to obtain better volumetric efficiency. The reasonable design of the oil supply system at the root of the vane pump blade and the pin ensures the good contact between the vane and the stator and minimizes the flow loss. The unique design of the vane pump, high-precision processing and reasonable selection of materials make the pump have a very good life index.

The output pressure of the vane pump is determined by the load and is approximately proportional to the input torque. There are two types of faults for abnormal output pressure.

  1. The output pressure is too low

When the pump is in the self-priming state, if the oil inlet pipe leaks or the hydraulic cylinder, one-way valve, reversing valve, etc. in the system have large leaks, the pressure will not rise. This requires finding out where the air is leaking, tightening and replacing the seals to increase the pressure. The overflow valve is faulty or the adjustment pressure is low, and the system pressure cannot rise. The pressure should be readjusted or the overflow valve should be repaired. If there is a large amount of leakage between the cylinder body of the hydraulic pump and the valve plate, the cylinder body may be broken in severe cases, the mating surface should be reground or the hydraulic pump should be replaced.

  1. The output pressure is too high

If the circuit load continues to rise, the pump pressure also continues to rise, which is normal. If the load is constant and the pressure of the pump exceeds the pressure required by the load, check the hydraulic components other than the pump, such as directional valves, pressure valves, transmission devices and oil return pipelines. If the maximum pressure is too high, the relief Hydraulic Vane Pumps should be adjusted.

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