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Analysis of Six Advantages of Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump

The Vane Pumps has simple structure, uniform flow, large displacement and high efficiency, with more than 10,000 tons per hour. Gear pumps are simple in structure, reliable in work, and can produce higher liquid pressure, but their displacement is not large, and they are often used to transport oil. Plunger pumps belong to the category of reciprocating pumps, which can produce higher pressure, but have a small displacement and cannot transport liquids containing suspended solids. The output flow is fluctuating rather than uniform. Gear pumps are used for high pressure and low flow occasions, and can also be used for high oil temperature occasions, and vane pumps are used for low pressure and large flow occasions.

Gear pumps are mainly composed of gears, shafts, pump bodies, pump covers, shaft end seals and other components, with a cycloid-arc as its gear tooth profile. Pressed with wear-resistant powder metallurgy materials. It has compact structure, stable operation, high efficiency and long life. The seal has two forms: mechanical seal and packing seal, and users can choose according to their requirements.

  1. The inner and outer rotors of the internal gear pump have the same rotation direction, with little wear and long service life.
  2. The rotational speed of the internal gear pump has a linear function relationship with the flow, and the flow of the pump can be changed by changing the speed appropriately.
  3. The internal gear pump is especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity media.
  4. The internal gear pump conveys liquid smoothly, without pulsation, low vibration and low noise.
  5. Internal gear pump has strong self-priming performance.
  6. The Internal Gear Pumps selects the correct parts and materials, can transport a variety of corrosive media, and the use temperature can reach 200 ℃.


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